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Sign up for a consultation, or if you want to bypass the consultation, simply click on the "Ready! Enroll!" tab to get started! Once the form is completed you will be contacted by one of our PROs who will assist you in the onboarding process! If you decide to move forward with services we require you to complete onboarding within 48 business hours.

Once onboarding is completed, you gain access to your client portal. Within your client portal, you will be able to communicate with a PRO regarding your account. You will also be able to update your card information and upload the necessary documentation.  You will also receive a credit report analsyis. 



After onboarding is completed and you received your analysis, you can sit back and relax. Our PROs will handle the monthly disputes on your behalf. The only requirement we ask of you is to pay your bills on time and to not use your credit card. Our goal is to assist you in raising your credit score, thus you and PRO have to work together to make that happen.

Please note: While in the program, if you apply for new credit, that is an automatic termination from the program.

Please understand that credit repair is not guarantee and 808 Credit Pros makes no guarantees we can get deletions from your credit report. Furthermore, the time you will be in the program varies from client to client.  Patience is essential.

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